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3D Floor Plans

Impressive alternative to 2D Floor Plans. Eye-catching and informative, they add colour and interest to any marketing material.

Typical production time: 2-4 days

3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans are a great way to show people the layout your property at a glance. These 3D projections are more realistic and give a much better impression of the building’s layout, than a conventional 2D floor plan. Owing to their effectiveness, a large number of marketing agencies, builders and property developers have begun to use 3D floor plans over the more traditional 2D floor plans, in their marketing material.

At CADbot, we offer the most advanced 3D floor plans. All you need to do is give us the drawings and specify your requirements. We can then develop 3D floor plans inclusive of interior furnishings decoration if required.

A 3D floor plan helps you clearly differentiate building materials and finishes used for different elements of the building such as walls, floors, kitchens and bathrooms. Furnished and finished to your specifications which markets the lifestyle.

The mainstay of our Floor Plans are created from customer sketches and architect plans. If these aren’t available, not a problem, for a site visit simply select the option above and we’ll be happy to arrange.


Start Your Project Here:

We require you to provide an estimate of the Gross Internal Area (GIA) of your property to gauge the size of the work our team needs to do to get your Floorplan to be the best it can be.

We will calculate the exact area for you and include as part of your finished floorplan.

Up to 100 m² ≈ 1076 sq. ft.
- Studios, 1 & 2 Bed Flats/Houses
- Or a Small Office

Up to 200 m² ≈ 2152 sq. ft.
- 2/3/4 Bed Flats/Houses
- Or Medium sized Office

Up to 300 m² ≈ 3229 sq. ft.
- Large 4+ Bed House
- Or a Large Office

Up to 600 m² ≈ 6458.35 sq. ft.
- An Estate House or HMO
- Or Expansive Multi-floor Office

This guide is based purely on our collective experience and property sizes may vary with respect to use and design, in the unlikely event of any initial over/under estimation the service cost will be required to be adjusted to suit the correct category.

If you have requirements that are not covered here please contact us we'll be happy to discuss and quote to meet your requirements.


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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Site visit / consultation required

No, Yes

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