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Do I have to sketch and measure the property myself?

No, we offer to have a Surveyor / Floor Planner to visit your property, this however incurs an additional fee hence we offer our most popular service with the option of sketching and measuring the property yourself to ensure the most cost-effective method delivery. This service is also suitable for alterations and re-drafting of any existing floor plans that require updating or conversion from 2D to 3D etc.

Some rooms on my floor plan don’t have room measurements. Have they been included in the overall square footage total?

Yes. All rooms have been included in the square footage total. The reason we don’t put the room measurements on the floor plan is for purely aesthetic purposes. In small rooms, there isn’t enough space to fit in all the necessary text. We don’t want the text obscuring the layout of the floor plan.

Typically, room measurements may not be stated in bathrooms and hallways. This is because it is more import to see the layout of the bathroom in terms of the position of the toilet, shower/bath and sink, and any text overlaid in these rooms would obscure this information. However, be assured that all of the rooms have been included in the square footage total.

If you would like us to add this information onto your floor plan that’s not a problem. Just ask, and we can add the additional measurements onto the plan.

The arrows denoting the room measurement don’t go into the wardrobes. Have the wardrobes been included in the overall square footage total?

Yes. The wardrobes have been included in the overall square footage total. The reason the arrowheads go up to the wardrobes is to denote the floor space available. This is so that prospective buyers can see what furniture would fit into the room.

If you would like, we can change the displayed dimensions of the room to show the measurement into the wardrobe. However, please note, the overall square footage will not change as this space has already been included in the square footage/meterage calculation.

If I add up the dimensions of all of the rooms, my calculation doesn’t add up to the overall square footage total stated at the top of the plan?

Simply multiplying the dimensions of each room and adding them together is a very inaccurate way of calculating the square footage of your property. The room dimensions stated on your floor plan are simply the largest length and width measurements. Unless each room is exactly rectangular, then multiplying them together will not give you an accurate calculation of the room.

A simple calculation like that will never take into account the complete shape of the room, or be able to include features like bay windows.

We calculate the square footage of each property using an architectural CAD programme. This ensures we have the most accurate calculation of the gross internal square footage total.

The overall square footage measurement is calculated by our architectural technicians. Essentially, they draw a line around the inside of the exterior walls of the property, tracing an outline of the floor space of the property. All the area within this space is included in the square footage / meterage calculation, including the interior walls of the property. This is so that, if for example, you wanted to knock down an internal wall to create a larger space within the property, the overall square footage / meterage would not change.

The picture below should illustrate the square footage calculation that we carry out in our AutoCAD software.


I have another floor plan that is displaying a different square footage total to yours. Does that mean your floor plan is wrong?

No. We measure and calculate our floor plans according to a strict set of guidelines laid out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and our floor planners are trained to a high standard, using laser disto accurate to within 2mm to take their measurements.

You will notice that our disclaimer is proudly displayed on the bottom of the floor plan and denotes how the floor plan is measured. This gives our plan an assurance to potential buyers about the integrity of our plan and explains exactly how it has been calculated.

If a floor plan does not carry this RICS disclaimer, then you cannot be sure of how the square footage / meterage total has been calculated. Some floor plans are simply estimates and approximations, whilst some have no correlation between the floor plan measurements of each room and the overall square footage / meterage displayed (essentially, the floor plan is quite obviously wrong.) It is important to be bear this in mind when comparing floor plans. Not all floor plan suppliers will measure as accurately or give the same level of training to their floor planners.

Whilst you want your property to be as large as possible when advertising it online, it is important that your floor plan is also accurate. Any potential buyer will want to know that the details they are viewing are accurate and that they have not been misled. Any property purchaser will usually instruct a survey of the property, so it’s important that you haven’t over stated the size of the property otherwise you could encounter problems further down the line.

We are happy to field calls from surveyors in relation to any of our floor plans and can easily justify how the floor plan has been calculated in the event of any queries during the purchasing process.

Can you change the square footage of your floor plan to match a different square footage of another floor plan that I have?

Yes we can. We can amend our floor plan so that the overall square footage total matches other floor plans if you would like us to. However, please note, we will place an alternative disclaimer on the floor plan so that potential purchasers are not misled as we cannot verify the accuracy of any alternative measurement to our own. We will also not be able to field calls from surveyors or any other parties querying the floor plan if the floor plan total has been amended, as the floor plan will not be an accurate representation of the survey we originally carried out for you.

The North point on my floor plan is wrong, what can I do?

We endeavour to ensure all of our measurements are accurate, including the north point.

However, metal objects, electrical goods and power cables, and numerous other devices can affect the compass point and give an inaccurate reading. Whilst we will do our best to avoid all of these objects when taking a reading, they can still affect it on occasions.

If you think the north point on your floor plan is wrong, please contact us stating which direction you believe the north point should be facing and we will change the floor plan for you.

The garden measurement on my floor plan is wrong, what can I do?

We use laser distos to ascertain the internal measurements of your property and ensure the most accurate possible internal survey. Whilst we will endeavour to get an accurate reading of the garden for those properties that have them, the distos are primarily designed for indoor rather that outdoor use.

Any outdoor measurements provided are an estimate, and weather conditions such as bright

sunshine or rain can affect the laser measurement. The purpose of our visit is to draw the floor plan of the property, not to carry out a full site survey.

If you think the garden measurement stated on the floor plan is wrong, please contact us stating the measurement you believe to be correct and we will change the floor plan for you.

Will you measure communal gardens and the communal areas of flats/apartments?

No. We will only measure the property itself and the relevant outside space belonging to the property. If you require us to measure any communal areas/gardens, we can do so, but we need to be informed when you place your order with us. We will not do this as standard.

I don’t like the way the rooms have been labelled, can I change them?

Yes. Amendments to room names can be carried out very easily. Simply tell us what you would like the room names to be changed to, and we will amend the floor plan for you.

Are eaves storage spaces and areas of restricted height heights included in the overall square footage total?

There are different scenarios as defined by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) that state when eaves storage and restricted height areas can or can’t be included in the overall square footage total. If you have any queries relating to your floor plan, please contact us, and we can tell you the exact rules relating to your specific property.

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